image of a twilight street corner
  1. About Blue Rock Anthology
  2. The Widower by William Haskins
  3. Willard Munsen by Michelle Muenzler (drachin8)
  4. Linda Muscatelli by Bret
  5. Two Hobos by Godfather
  6. Speed and Ella by NeuroFizz
  7. The Spinster – Gladys Barnes by Trish (Stew21)
  8. The Abandoned House by Godfather
  9. The Post Mistress by Shiraz
  10. Haiku Jane by JAlpha
  11. Maggie Pitchford by Michelle (drachin8)
  12. Blue Rock Forest by Paint
  13. Will Baskins by Michelle (drachin8)
  14. Alfred Lynch by Trish (Stew21)
  15. Billy Fortune by NeuroFizz
  16. Paul Rollins by Trish (Stew21)
  17. Lucy Maines by Shiraz
  18. Daryll Connor by Michelle (drachin8)
  19. Ella James by Trish (Stew21)
  20. The Innkeeper by Innkeeper
  21. “Big Ed” Tarry by Cassie88
  22. Tara Allen by poetinahat
  23. Danny Comeau by KTC
  24. Margaret Gould by KTC
  25. Erika with a K by Rivana
  26. Lumberjack Pierre by Paint
  27. fairy spring by Paint
  28. The Butcher by Innkeeper
  29. The M’s – Margaret and Margie by Trish (Stew21)
  30. Annie Connick by KTC
  31. The Town Bully by Haggis
  32. Frank, the Janitor and Miss Potts, the Teacher by Shiraz
  33. Eustus Harp by davids
  34. Little Melanie Maskins by Rivana
  35. Old Whiskey Maid Penny by Rivana
  36. A Song from Lisa Butterfield to Her Best Friend Martha-Jane by Rivana
  37. Harry’s Blue Rock Blues by ddgryphon
  38. Gathering Greens by ddgryphon
  39. Sarah Jessims by Michelle (drachin6)
  40. The Morganson Boys by NeuroFizz
  41. Amy Munsen by Michelle (drachin6)
  42. Johnny Bluenose by Paint
  43. Sheriff Rollins by Michelle (drachin6)
  44. Bill Brewster by arrowqueen
  45. Father Evan Stuart by Shwebb
  46. Naydeen Bayer by Paint
  47. Michael on Life and Mark Stanton by Rivana
  48. Blind Sophie by Jcomp
  49. Sandy Morganson by Trish (Stew21)
  50. Jerry Sparks by pconsidine
  51. Emma Sue Davis by Pat (pb10220)
  52. The Trailer Park by Paint
  53. Jim Crawford by ddgryphon
  54. Brandon O’Toole by PattiTheWicked
  55. The Lament of Georgina Fields by Rivana
  56. The Bettis Sisters by PattiTheWicked
  57. The Lumberjack’s Wife by rosemerry
  58. Alistair McGunn by Godfather
  59. Kass Lynch by Paint
  60. Here lies Olmar Custar by Nateskate
  61. Wild Betty Sue by dahmnait
  62. The Stranger by Perks
  63. Wendell Allen by ddgryphon
  64. A Song for Tommy Oak
  65. Declan Mahan by poetinahat
  66. Ricky Loves Becky by Don Magin (dobiwon)
  67. Miss Blue Rock by Trish (Stew21)
  68. Mendoza’s by poetinahat
  69. Ballerina, Aged Six by jst5150
  70. U.S. v. Blue Rock (eminent domain) by jst5150
  71. Blue Rock Trust & Savings by jst5150
  72. Judy Walters by PattiTheWicked
  73. Margaret McGrath’s Prayer by Don Magin (dobiwon)
  74. Harriet Walter’s Prayer by Don Magin (dobiwon)
  75. Dennis McGrath’s Thoughts by Don Magin (dobiwon)
  76. Earnest Walter’s Thoughts by Don Magin (dobiwon)
  77. Hannah Walters-McGrath by Don Magin (dobiwon)
  78. L.J. The Carnival Worker by Trish (Stew21)
  79. junie winters by P.H. Delarran
  80. auntie fancy by P.H. Delarran
  81. Eunice Knight by Cassie88
  82. My Uncle Sid by NeuroFizz
  83. Regret (for Ricky) by Mark Moss (LimeyDawg)
  84. Dylan’s Story by Mark Moss (LimeyDawg)
  85. Robbie Gallagher (The Changeling) by PattiTheWicked
  86. Bob and Ned by Mark Moss (LimeyDawg)
  87. So Far Off by jst5150
  88. Eva Halloway by NeuroFizz
  89. Marigold Schefke by Eveningsdawn
  90. Mackenzie Schefke by Eveningsdawn
  91. Blue Rock Love Triangle by Eveningsdawn
  92. Alan Morganson by PattiTheWicked
  93. Diane Yazawa by PattiTheWicked
  94. Dustin Schefke by Eveningsdawn
  95. Meet O-Z (seven, eight, nine) by jst5150
  96. Black War Stone by Paint
  97. unmarked by dclary
  98. Beatrice Coleman by jst5150
  99. Blue Nichols by scribbling butterfly
  100. Lessons from a Headstone in Blue Rock Cemetery by LimeyDawg
  101. Save Mendoza’s by P.H. Delarran
  102. Sestina on the Battle for the Souls in Blue Rock by emeraldcite
  103. I remember by whistlelock
  104. Town Gossip by Eveningsdawn
  105. Nervous Tobias Watts by Trish (Stew21)
  106. Hope by billythrilly7th
  107. Dep Verd by Paint
  108. A Cantor’s Blessing for Blue Rock by davids
  109. Darryl and Barbie Lou by Pat (pb10220)
  110. The Postman’s Collection by jst5150
  111. The Perfect Word by NeuroFizz
  112. Kevin Dennis Turns 50 by Don Magin (dobiwon)
  113. Gene and Damon by jst5150
  114. Peerless Peter Pasternak by jst5150
  115. Gleam Blue by jst5150
  116. Hal’s Hardware Emporium by My-Immortal
  117. The Wanderer by Akuma
  118. Priestess by Paint
  119. scattered Polaroids by jst5150
  120. Cat of Dead by Akuma
  121. The Football Hero by robeiae
  122. Silvia Blake by laurel29
  123. The Lumber Baron by Ganesha
  124. Fragments of Haley by colpo di fulmine
  125. Peggy Woods- The One Legged Bride by writerterri
  126. Abandoned Temper by dancingandflying
  127. The Wishing Well by TheIT
  128. The Town Founder by arrowqueen
  129. Meadowview Dance Hall (The Flapper) by jst5150
  130. The Schefkes (Final Chapter) by Eveningsdawn
  131. Dozer by Paint
  132. The Trashman by johnnysannie
  133. Town Hound by kdnxdr
  134. The Rhymin’ Man by QueenB
  135. Me and Paddy Murphy by LimeyDawg
  136. Blue Rock’s Scheme by Joyce Rapier (BeeBomb)
  137. The New Family by SherryTex
  138. Sailor’s Daughter by Eveningsdawn
  139. The Visit by JoyceW
  140. The Town Loser by louisgodwin
  141. Anna Faye by Saritams8
  142. Crater Fathom Deep by jst5150